Naples Daily News

I have experience shooting and editing video in Premiere Pro and Final Cut. As a reporter at the Naples Daily News, most of my videos were explainers videos, in which we used a combination of iMovie and an online editing software called Wochit to layer text over the top of images or video. Many of these are quick-hit, designed to complement the written portion of the story. For more in-depth narrative projects, I worked alongside a team of photographers and videographers.

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The Wichita Eagle

My passion for journalism was always in reporting, but after taking a few classes at Wichita State, my interest in visual storytelling grew. I purchased my own DSLR camera and produced video packages to pair with my stories during a full-time internship with the Wichita Eagle. They serve as teasers to the written story, or offer a portion of the story better told with visuals.

Class projects at Wichita State