Writing portfolio

One of my favorite things about being a storyteller is that I’ve been lucky enough to write about all sorts of things: stone crabs, the art of knife-making, theater performances and hurricane recovery. From the complicated to the uncomplicated, every story deserves to be told. Every day the story is different, which has made me a versatile and organized storyteller. And no matter the subject matter, at the heart of each story is a person or an organization with a message, and I love getting to share that message with the world.

Naples Daily News (features reporter, food writer)


The Wichita Eagle (intern)


Flint Hills Media Project  (multimedia journalist)
Summer course covering an annual event to produce web content and a magazine

  • Legacy 1
    Leaving a legacy

    ‘Leaving a legacy’
    I featured Fort Riley’s No. 2 in command, the garrison commander, and his captivating story. I was told later by his closest comrades that he has never opened up about his past during interviews like he did with me.


The Sunflower (reporter)

  • Tooth trouble
    Tooth trouble

    Tooth trouble
    A dentist from WSU was on hand during a NCAA men’s basketball game to pop a player’s tooth back into place. This is the story of how it all happened, from the perspective of the dentist. I brainstormed ideas for the design package that would run on page 1.

  • WSU Serves Moore ‘earth-shattering’ for student volunteers
    I arranged for myself and photographer to tag along on a charter bus with a group of student volunteers to Moore, Oklahoma, which had been torn apart by a tornado a month before. Together, we told the story of the trip and how one group of students tried to make a difference.
  • Homicide investigator, WSU instructor, dies at 59
    A famed homicide investigator in Wichita, who also instructed classes at WSU, died of kidney cancer. This was an obituary story that I was assigned as a sophomore reporter.